URouter Monitor migliorativo

Dalla Spagna ricevo e pubblico informazioni relative ad una versione migliorativa del monitor di URouter distribuito con l’ambiente Uniface. Risulta particolarmente utile in configurazioni con un numero significativo di utenti (> 50).


UMO is an Uniface standalone application that uses UnifaceMonitor API to control URouter.


  • Visual enhancement of standard Uniface Monitor tool
  • Remembers all urouters you connected to
  • Remembers users and passwords
  • Allows vision only or privileged access
  • Allows kill specific uservers or using a profile
  • Allows start uservers for specific UST
  • Shows statistics for every UST
  • Records statistics in database (when is running)
  • Order urouter to re-read asn file

Information about each userver is clear and multilanguage using tooltips to explain the meaning of fields.


  1. Connect
  2. Start/stop recording stats
  3. Filter (future use)
  4. Login as super-user
  5. Show uservers only or connected clients
  6. There is no six
  7. Refresh
  8. Start/Stop/Statistics about uservers (same as right-click over uservers)
  9. Show/Hide 10
  10. Info about selected userver
  11. Uservers running

Control-K changes theme colors


Ringrazio Luis Vila, colui che ha sviluppato e distribuisce tale applicazione, e mi metto a disposizione per fornire maggiori informazioni agli eventuali interessati.

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